See information about our Redding, CA team below.

Justin Barrett
General Manager & Chief Forester
Sam Amaro (Registered Professional Forester)
Field Operations Supervisor/ Forest Carbon
Carrie Taylor
Regeneration System Manager
Bethany Prader
Data Management
Erik Main
GIS Supervisor
Parker Chase
Quality Assurance Lead - Software Dev.
Andrew Vansickle
G.I.S. Technician
Mike Smith
Data Management / G.I.S. Technician
David Wood
Field Operations Manager
Haley Hover
Executive Assistant
Iver Dodd
G.I.S. Technician - RMS Assistant
Kyle Brown
Forest Technician - Check Cruiser
Kevin Lee
Forest Technician - Level 3 Supervisor
Jeremey Wydler
Forest Technician - Level 3 Check Cruiser
Matthew Franz
Forest Technician - Level 3 Check Cruiser
Rachel McIntosh
Data Management - Land Records
Tricia McLain
G.I.S. Technician
Warren Smith
Forester - Forest Technician
Garrett Fick
Forest Technician

See information about our Bend, OR team below.

Rory McCabe
Russ Bryant
Director of Resource Analysis
Paul Gress
Forest Information Coordinator
Ches Beiner
Principle Engineer / iOS / Windows / Android
Sushil Nepal (Ph.D.)
Andrew Davis
Visual Forester Product Manager
Jenya Lebid
iOS Team Lead
Justin Boehnen
Software Developer / Windows
Greg Valle
Software Developer / Windows

See information about our Remote team below.

Jeff Brosha
Resource Information System Data Contractor / Bridgewater, NS, Canada
Robbie Blackler
GIS Contractor / Twillingate NL, Canada
Jon Villani
Long Term Planning Manger / Medford, Oregon
Christos Samaras
Software Development Contractor / Thessoloniki, Greece
Nick Wagonhurst
GIS Manager / Sisters, Oregon
Tyler Suran
Senior Software Engineer / Windows / Lehi, Utah
Kris Anderson
Software Development Manager / Barling, Arkansas
Ben Gamboa
Visual Forester / Unity Developer / Shreveport, Louisiana

About the Founder

Rande McCabe, Logging in Western Washington
Rande McCabe, Logging in Western Washington

Alpine Land Information Services has never been the traditional “consulting company. Founder Rande McCabe has worked in the timber industry for over 45 years. After junior college, he was first employed as a pulp cutter working out of logging camps located near Millinocket, Maine for Great Northern Paper.  He yearned to head to the west coast and he soon did. He began his west coast career as a timber faller working in the Cascades of Washington state for over 15 years. During this time, he witnessed firsthand what can occur when forest plans are poorly conceived or worse yet, non-existent. Although Rande loved the life of a Logger his interest in the larger landscape issues, and specifically long term forest planning had peaked. Rande had a burning interest in how the decisions were made that directed the previous 15 years of harvesting that he had participated in.

By the mid 1980’s most all of the old growth stands had been removed from the large industrial ownerships of the Northwest. He witnessed his industries transition to a second growth economy. He wanted to do more than just watch. To do this, he would need to go back to school.

So, in 1986 Rande began attending the University of Washington to study forest management and computer applications. He began at the university at a pivotal time in early computing. "The campus main frame computer was the only path forward for my interests and ideas at that time," he recalls.

At this time computer applications applicable to modern forest management were virtually non-existent.  Of course, this was all to change quite remarkably within the next 5 years. This change was primarily due to a company that had just opened an office on the other side of Lake Washington. That company was named Microsoft.  At that time IBM had just released, somewhat reluctantly, its first personal computer with DOS as its operating system. Rande saw this computer, with its green on black screen as a turning point. The significance of this early machine was that it could be operated from the most remote parts of the country where decision making in forest management was being conducted. Rande now knew that there would clearly be a need for practical forestry applications for this machine.

Accomplishing all of this was no easy task, and Rande couldn't have made it this far on his own.  A large part of his success he attributes to his warm hearted wife Cindy McCabe.  Reflecting back on some difficult times Rande recalled that Alpine wouldn't of made it without Cindy's financial know how and constant positivity.  Rande and Cindy have been a team since they married in 1972 after meeting at Paul Smiths College in up state New York.  Once they finished school they picked up everything and moved west.  Fourty-Four years later they are still managing and contributing new ideas to the Alpine team.

After finishing at the University of Washington and receiving his degree Rande found himself in one of the most confusing and dysfunctional times the timber industry had been in since the 1950’s.  As it appeared, the timber industry, as well as the United States Forest Service, were floundering in a sea of state and federal regulatory obligations. The future of the industry was at stake. It became clear that without efficient cost effective information management and practical meaningful analytics that harvesting would likely be curtailed.

This was his opening.  So, in 1989, McCabe, along with one other programmer and a sense of purpose, began Alpine Land Information Services.  Reflecting back to that time he simply says, "I really thought I could help."

In the many years since, Rande McCabe has grown Alpine into a major player in the California forest industry. To this day Alpine employees are actively contributing innovative and resourceful ideas to the forest management arena. Alpine's services have been and are being employed by the largest timber owners in California. Many of our resource applications and processes have developed into the  new standard for timber management.  This success, we attribute to Alpine's signature style of detailed, comprehensive, and spatially tied long-term forest planning and simulation.

Field Crew

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