"Charting the Future of Resource Information Management"


About Alpine LIS

Since 1989, Alpine Land Information Services has provided forest planning and information management services to the California Forestry Industry.

We provide comprehensive "large-landscape" forest management plans for some of the largest industrial landowners in California. It is our belief that in order to create an effective forest management plan, all constraints relating to the management of timber and other resources must be accounted for.   This requires a commitment to a consistent and detailed account of resource information.   Including but not limited too; stand inventory, threatened resources, cultural concerns, and visual considerations.

The Sustainability and profitability of all forest resources need not be in conflict. The important decisions that will lead landowners to a successful future are made every day in our clients' forests. Our job is to help them make these decisions by combining state-of-the-art information management applications with cost effective field data collection protocols.  Our style of detailed, comprehensive long-term forest planning makes the difference.

We have played this role on over 1 million acres of California’s industrial timberlands. Over the years we have shown that it’s possible to program activities in a detailed fashion over a large landscape. The benefits that accrue to this unique style of forest planning are endless. Yet, of all the benefits that flow from this strategy, none is more important than risk avoidance; to protect and make forest investments more profitable and enduring; with returns on forest investment more predictable than ever imagined.  

Alpine is far from a traditional "consulting company".  Owner Rande P. McCabe has worked to support the timber industry for over 40 years.  He began his career as a timber faller and pursued it for 15 years.  He saw firsthand what can occur when forest plans are poorly conceived, or worse yet, non-existent.  McCabe went back to the University of Washington in 1986 and finished his forest management degree with an emphasis on computer applications.  He was surprised upon leaving the University to find the timber industry, as well as the United States Forest Service, floundering in a sea of regulatory obligations.  In 1989 McCabe, along with a programmer and a sense of purpose, began Alpine. Reflecting upon that time he says, "I really thought I could help".

McCabe has grown Alpine into a major player in the California forest management scene. They bring a determined innovative and resourceful spirit to the forest management arena. Alpine's services are employed by the largest timber owners in California. Our resource applications and processes have developed into a new standard in forest planning.