"Charting the Future of Resource Information Management"





Here at Alpine we specialize in providing turn key solutions when managing clients’ information. This means we need to employ a wide array of professional and non-professional expertise. Whether we are developing data collection protocols, system server application software or just trying to find the most cost effective way to access a remote piece of ground, we are fully engaged.  We strive to provide our employees with the best and most modern equipment, including custom support software. Training and re-training are a way of life at Alpine.  Our intent is always to find the best way to answer the ever evolving regulatory and client specific management questions.  We are often employed in the perpetual management and/or the annual update needs of systems we have built. Over the last 25 years we have been presented with many challenges and we have learned a great deal from our efforts. We take great pride in bringing that experience to the current tasks and services we provide our clients. An overview of the major tasks we currently provide are as follows.

  • We are presently focused on the update of our flagship application know as Resource Information System software, first developed in 1992.  There have been many updates to this system over the years. We are currently engaged in the re-development of this most critical system to meet the computer platform standards of tomorrow to provide the best product to our clients.
  • A second system in re-design is our proprietary GIS system software know as Atlas TE or Third Edition. This custom GIS focuses on the basic needs of foresters when developing Timber Harvest Plans that must meet the exacting standards of the California Department of Forestry.
  • Alpine has been involved in Long Term Forest Planning for over 20 years. We have successfully built large landscape spatially explicit detailed plans with 100-year planning horizons. These plans meet or surpass the California Board of Forestry’s intent for such plans required by statute. Our proprietary Graphical Planning Interface software has been a workhorse application that continues to be a great source of company pride. We are currently building Long Term Carbon Assessments using this very same strategy and software.
  • Our Regeneration Management Software, developed as a means of tracking the on-going reforestation activities at the unit level, has served our clients well. This software now provides the backbone for on-going data collection and inventory updates over the spectrum of age classes in play.
  • Our contribution regarding actual field work and data collection has varied greatly over the last 25 years. Stated quite simply, we do the job that our clients want done. We commonly measure this contribution by the number of pickups in our company fleet at any given time. Whether it is over 35 pickups with trained people in the field or as low as 4, our goal is always to meet the need.
  • The past offers great insights for the future. Historically, we are proud of all the systems we have developed over the many years. Our Watershed Decision Support Software, was developed to allow our clients a means to collect and collate the real impacts on the water resource. This approach provides the means to contribute empirical evidence and answers to the often-ethereal environmental question of cumulative impacts.
  • Our ARMS or Archaeological Resource Management Software, provides a standardized efficient means for foresters in California to meet and surpass the reporting requirements required of foresters and engendered by California’s implementation of the Antiquities Act. The newest software to be tested at Alpine is software designed to allow for the investigation of thousands of historical documents that potentially impact today’s modern industrial forests. DMS, or Document Management Software, provides a quick intuitive and spatially tied means of interacting with historical documents involving easements, permits and road use agreements, as well as a vast array of other historical documents that may or may not impose financial or ethical obligations to our clients.
  • It is our privilege and a great source of excitement to announce that Visual Forester, designed for the California Forest Products Commission in 2002, will live again. Visual Forester is an interactive educational software focused on forest management planning in California. The original goal was to provide a general introduction to forest planning aimed at the junior high school student. The commission’s intent long ago was to provide an exciting visual means of engaging young people in the decisions made daily on California’s private industrial forests. We received significant attention and numerous accolades from educators at all levels including college level. Our goal is to do it all again by 2019, only better. Modern terrain modeling software along with 3D tree models will greatly change the look and feel of the experience. Distribution to IOS, as well desktop computers will alter its intended audience. The goal will remain the same however, and that is to help the everyday person understand and experience the responsibilities and decision making incumbent on every Licensed California Forester.

We are proud of our history and our success and look forward to the challenges of the decades to come.

"Charting the Future of Resource Information Management"

"Charting the Future of Resource Information Management"